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Lifesaver Mobile

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To ensure we deliver the highest quality experience, Lifesaver Mobile requires Android 4.0 and above, and currently supports the following devices:Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy Note II
If your device is not supported, you are welcome to try Lifesaver Mobile on your device and give us feedback at
Learning emergency life-saving skills made easy - learn anywhere, anytime, for free.
Would you know what to do? Make lifesaving decisions in a crisis.
Lifesaver is a movie you play like a game: it throws you into three situations where people are choking, and having cardiac arrests – make the right choices to save a life.
You learn by doing: Do it wrong, and see the consequences. Do it right, and sense the thrill of saving a life.
So have a go - and share with your family and friends. With Lifesaver, everyone can learn to save a life.
Features:- Easy user interface- 3 films with clear visual and audio interactions- Real-life stories shared by rescuers and survivors- 6 real stories shared by witnesses- Common questions answered by first aid experts- Real-time feedback for your accuracy, speed and answers- Built-in technology to detect speed and depth of CPR- Emergency information and medical FAQs
Lifesaver is developed by UNIT9, with funding from the Resuscitation Council (UK).
NOTE: Lifesaver is a web and mobile-based interactive application for training purposes only and completion of the modules does not constitute a certificate of competence as further training is recommended.
Lifesaver website > website > http://www.unit9.comResuscitation Council (UK) website >